Beauty Update


A few assorted Beauty-related tidbits:

People saying “yay!” and applauding is terrifying.  I’m not sure why it’s this specific thing – she’s fine with applause in general, and with loud noises, but even the softest of cheers at the end of Happy Birthday or the Hello Song at a library storytime sends her into tears.  I do hope she grows out of that one fast.

yes, she's reading a dictionary

Words that make me do a double-take and wonder where she picked *that* up before I realize what she’s talking about: fork, truck, cracker.  they all sound like the f-word.  Honorable mentions go to noodles and Magnadoodle, which are both pronounced doo-doo.  I’m sure this would be hysterically funny if she had an older sister.

Last night while nursing before bed she suddenly popped off, said “Complicated!” and went back to nursing.  We have no idea why.

my dad was in Germany recently, and brought her a dirndl

We went to the Please Touch Museum, which was a hit except that in most cases she entirely missed the “point” of the exhibit.  Like the area with a whole bunch of ropes dangling from bells tied to the ceiling.  She wandered in circles for five minutes, admiring the textured floor, before even noticing the ropes.  It’s so fascinating watching her little mind work.

she likes her belly button

Anything crawling on the ground is “ANTS!!”  Anything flying is “FLIES!!”  Anything tweeting is “tweet tweet birds!”  She gets a bit bewildered by my notion that some of the flies are birds or airplanes and some of the birds are crickets.  My friend A says this sort of sorting is called “scaffolding” which is kind of a nifty word for it.

also she's super-cute

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