I’ve been feeling tired and waffy today and yesterday.  (Waffy: that state of mind that makes you go “waaaaaaffff” when people ask how you are.  Alternately, a state of negative emotion with no clear source that will not be sorted into anger, sadness, frustration, etc.)  I don’t know why.  I’m sleeping okay.  I’m eating okay.  Beauty hasn’t been fussier than usual.  I don’t think I’m depressed.  It feels hormonal, but my period hasn’t arrived yet.  I don’t think I’m pregnant, though I can’t rule it out.  (That’s especially hard to calculate given that I’m not sure whether the mini-pill is acting as a contraceptive or a fertility drug on my system.)  In all likelihood my period will arrive tomorrow or the day after and it’ll clear up.  In the meantime it kinda sucks.

However, Hero is home and Beauty is being quite snuggly when she isn’t mad about anything (teething, as usual) and we had yummy pizza for dinner and all will be well.  I did my Hebrews study for today and I browsed on Pinterest a lot (which is my cheater-way to feel like I’ve been creative and productive without actually thinking) and I even made some progress on a painting I’m doing for the synagogue’s nursery.  The painting is coming along quite nicely, in that it looks just as I wanted it to.  I can’t guarantee that anyone else will like it, but I’m pleased.

Can I curl up and take a nap now?

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