This morning the leader of our women’s prayer time quoted Psalm 81:7, “I will speak to you in the secret place of thunder.”

The secret place of thunder.

What a wonderful thing.  Sitting on my parents’ front porch, sipping hot tea and watching the rain.  Hearing it thunder down, seeing the lighting across the horizon, watching the sheets of water pound the street and flood from the roof.  Even today I love to watch the rain.

And when I’m distressed, I love to go into the rain.  To feel it on my face and on my back, reminding me how big God is and where I stand and who I am.  The sense of perspective, that God is in charge and all will be well, because the rain is falling.

(I’d love to be able to labor and/or give birth in the rain.  I think it would be wonderful.  Here’s hoping the weather cooperates next time around.)

I love to see the clouds of water vapor, in my mind’s eye.  A chaotic system, unmeasurable and unpredictable but still not chaos and not random.  Each micro-droplet moving according to very simple laws, but following the steps of an unknowable dance.  And the dance brings it in contact with other micro-droplets, until it begins to fall, first slowly and then, at terminal velocity, it is a perfect sphere, not affected by gravity at all.  Free-falling and not falling.  Reflecting the entire world in a moment, but invisible to the watching eye.  Blown about by the air currents, also following their simply-governed and infinitely-complex paths.  Falling until it hits earth, watering the trees and grass and me.

That is the secret place.  The place where I am known, because all mysteries are known.  The place where the world makes sense, because there are patterns in the chaos and God is master of those patterns.  The place where everything fits in and everything works together.  The place where the power of God is in the thunder, and His rightness is in the lightning, and His order is in the rain.

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5 Responses to Rain

  1. Richella says:

    “His order is in the rain.” I like that statement. His order is throughout all of His creation, of course, if we’ll simply have the eyes to see it. Thank you for taking the time to observe and to share your thoughts!

  2. Kristine says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I can relate and love the rain. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Autumn says:

    I love rain too. I grew up in Kentucky and that’s all it does. :)

  4. Misty says:

    Love this post.. oh how I’d love to feel the rain on my face and jump through puddles.. Houston is in a bit of a drought, but non the less I felt like I was dancing through the rain in your post.

  5. oooh i love this verse, and i love that last line especially: a very beautiful piece of prose, friend. thank you.

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