Lentils and turkey

I’m pretty braindead today.  Not tired, really, just not having any thoughts.  My Hebrews study for the day is quite a sight as a result :)

I was going to post this as a proper recipe, but I don’t really feel like it.  It’s easy – you cook up lentils (green french lentils don’t lose their shape, which is kinda nice) with smoked turkey (smoked turkey wings and drumsticks are wonderful things) and add some sauteed onion and rosemary and thyme halfway through.  And celery.  I don’t saute the celery; I can’t stand the smell.  Even in the finished soup, I can still smell it and I don’t like it.  Also I used dried celery and that way I don’t have to soak it first.

And then you pull the meat off the bones and dish up the lentils and put meat on top.

It’s good.  Wonderfully good.  I served it as a casual dinner and it fed lots and lots of people.  We ate and played with Beauty and watched a couple episodes of The 10th Kingdom and everyone was happy.

Dining with Debbie
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36th Avenue
Delightful Order
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