I’ve been quite entertained by some of the spam comments I get.  Some, of course, are straight-up advertisements:

100% Proven To Transform Your Blogs Into Money Making Machines Within Minutes!  Get Your Copy Today!

and some are just gibberish generated by linkfarms:

Papruilisali jufuiufduDuassydpabovy

but the ones I like are the ones that try to trick me into thinking there’s a brain back there, by saying something so banal it might actually be relevant

Wow! That’s an exciting slant.

Do actually assume this is true?

You have many creative ideas!

I think it’s such a shame that so many people do that.

Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

I tweet, therefore I am.

Is there someone out there who actually writes them? or is there an algorithm that wanders the internet, finding and recording common comments and phrases? and does anyone actually expect it to work?

I don’t know.  But at least it amuses me.

PS – On a related note, I am similarly amused by wordpress’s congratulatory statements after a post is published.  “This is your 58th post.  Sly!  It has 300 words.”  Sly????  Not to mention hunky-dory.  Wild.  Brilliant.  The list goes on….

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