Hello again.

I finished 16 Years Later.  The first draft, anyway.  I’ll get into editing it soon.  I’m apparently capable of writing 52,000 words in ten days, give or take, which is quite a surprise.  Admittedly not much else got done during those days, but if I hadn’t pushed so hard I think I’d have given up.

Having gotten it finished, I’m starting to pick my life up again.  I’ve been doing some art, though not in index card form, at least not mostly.  I’m really enjoying working on squares about 5 inches across cut from cereal boxes.

And, as you can see, I’ve also been fooling around with my phone’s camera.  The results are mostly quite ridiculous but I’m enjoying them.

Beauty has entered Tantrum Season, right on schedule as far as I can tell.  So we take walks and end up sitting on the sidewalk for half an hour when I don’t want to go the way she wants to go.  And we spend quite a long time sitting on the couch while she howls because I suggested that she should get off the couch and get the book she wants herself instead of demanding that I get it for her.  We’ve had that tantrum three times so far and the book in question is still on the floor.

I don’t have much else to say, I just needed to start posting again.  No doubt I’ll have more thoughts tomorrow.

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