I have a couple different art acquisitions potentially underway.  “Potentially” because I can’t be certain that either will entirely pan out.  We shall see.

The first is that I may be buying one of the original silk paintings that illustrate the children’s book 17 Kings and 42 Elephants.  I loved this book growing up – we all did – and a few months ago while I was reading it to Beauty I found myself wondering if there were prints of the illustrations.  Prints were once made of a few of them, but not the page I really wanted, and I ended up emailing the illustrator and we shall see if we decide to buy the original.  We’re still thinking about it.  It’s really pretty, though.

The other potential art are two pieces by Charles Demuth, most famous (as far as I can tell) for his I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold.  We visited the Barnes Foundation a few months ago, and Hero saw two paintings and stopped and said they were jazz music.  Since such a statement is entirely unprecedented, as far as I can remember, I noticed it.

So recently I thought of this and went on the Barnes website and realized that they must have high-resolution images available, and it was probably just a matter of writing to them and asking for copies.  Turns out they have a form to sign, too.  If we do get high-resolution images, we’ll print out nice copies and life will be very happy.

It’s funny.  I’m not used to the idea of getting cool big artworks for myself.  But I think it really does make me happy to have lovely things on the walls where I can see them every day.

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