Try Again

Today seems to be a day of starting over.  Or not.  I did spend some of it in tears.

We started with an hour-long tantrum this morning.  Beauty dumped corn flakes on the floor.  I requested that she help pick them up.  This did not end well.  But after a series of time-outs and retries she eventually moved one flake from my hand to the trash, which I counted as conceding defeat.

I’m still working on my tantrum-handling skills.  I did okay today.  Of course, she’ll change her methods as soon as I figure things out.

And then while she napped I got a haircut.  Finally.  This is my first cut in an awfully long time.  I meant to get one in June in time for conference, but it didn’t happen and my sister and I ended up trimming each other’s hair.  And I tend to forget and go too long between them anyway.

Unfortunately it wasn’t my usual girl and this one was rather rough with my hair and I don’t think my hair liked it much.  It’ll be fine in a day or two, though, and it’s nice having some layers and some shorter bits to frame my face.

But it made me cry when I got home.  At least, I think so.  I’m not really sure why I was crying.  Beauty had another tantrum over getting her diaper changed, so that may have been contributing.  Or maybe hormones?  Hormones are easy to blame.

Also I was hungry.  So I had oatmeal.  It helped.

So did Hero coming home.  That helped a lot.

And after dinner a waterproofing guy came.  You may remember the last time, which was something of a disaster.  Hero called a few more companies, and any others that required the presence of both spouses did not get appointments.  This company seemed the most human.

And, wonder of wonders, they seem to have a brain.  He actually wanted to go look at our basement, which appears to be quite a novel thought in these circles.  And, even better, he didn’t come up with a number and try to get us to sign right there.  Instead he’ll go back to his office and put together a proposal and email us.

Reasonable business practices.  Amazing.

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