Birthday 27

Today is my birthday, but I don’t have much to say.  Probably because I’ve been editing 16 Years Later and that’s quite enough of the English language for one day.

But the weather is beautiful and I took Beauty to the park this morning and life is generally very good.  Hero is on his way home and we will make Smitten Kitchen’s red wine chocolate cake and eat it.

(Beauty, incidentally, has started saying “bye bye” to everything.  When we leave my bed to go eat breakfast: “Bye bye bed!”  When we leave to go to Mini Music: “Bye bye house!”  followed by “Bye bye car!” and “Bye bye cheerios!” when we get out.  Leaving the playground requires bidding farewell to the slide, the swings, the park, and “weee!” whatever that is.  Possibly the carousel?)

Beauty is taking a nice enormous nap and I’ve gotten very little done, really, but it is my birthday after all.  And I was industrious yesterday.  I did do plenty of editing, as I mentioned, and I made a first attempt at DIY screenprinting using all the wrong materials, which wasn’t as much of a failure as it should have been.  And life is good today.

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