Life is so good sometimes.  Thanksgiving was lovely, and Beauty even went down for a nap at my uncle’s house.  (Admittedly it took Hero about half an hour of snuggling to make that happen, but I was so glad she slept.)

And today is a day for taking things easy.  We’ll probably make pizza for dinner.  Hero took the day off and took Beauty out for breakfast and shopping, and now that she is napping we can watch TV and cuddle and talk.  (He also just ignored a call from his boss.  There is nothing he’s needed for that can’t wait until Monday.)

And here is a video of Beauty practicing identifying letters.  Which is quite astonishing, given that she’s not yet two.  But she got interested, and I’m not about to refuse to tell her about things she’s interested in.  (The poster was free in the back of this alphabet book.  It’s quite an amazing poster – each letter lifts up to reveal a tiny pop-up animal.)

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One Response to Grateful

  1. Tammy says:

    what a cutie pie, so excited in her learning adventure! i love the way beauty says W, it sounds like “double you!!!”

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