I think we’re sick.  Is a sad.  I suspected it yesterday, when I had a sore throat and Beauty was all snuggly at odd moments, but it was confirmed this morning.  Such is life.

At least Hero is getting it now rather than over the weekend when he’ll be traveling.  He’s coming home soon, which is sensible.  Working from home is much less strenuous than being at work.

And I did laundry AND dishes AND vacuuming AND washed the kitchen floor yesterday, so basically I’ve finished my housework quota for the week.  (Cooking doesn’t count as housework because I actually like it, most of the time at least.  I’m not such a fan of grocery shopping, but such is life.)

Hero was saying last night that he thought we needed some family time at home without activities clogging up our schedule.  I guess we’re going to get it.

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