Electrokinesis / Quintekinesis – PsiWiki.

Did you know there’s a Psi Wiki?  It’s amazing.

I came across it…I don’t remember.  Googling something from a comment on Bug Comic, I think.  I’m delighted to have found it, if for no other reason than that I only had a handful of psi powers for my novel and the new ideas are welcome.

What’s hilarious, though, is the bits that were written by someone who believes these things are possible, like the Electrokinesis article above.  Apparently you can start shocking people after just a week or two of practice!

(Even better is the “highly effective” method for summoning or banishing wind: hold your hand out and focus.  Since the wind is a highly chaotic system and the chance of it changing or dropping at any given moment is quite high, this will “work” on a regular basis.  It’s a beautiful example of observer bias.)

Anyway, my new favorite power is photokinesis.  What’s yours?

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