Because Why Not

I was the hostess for Purple for Daisy Yellow’s Building a Rainbow, but since that meant all my purple art was finished yesterday, in order to be posted early this morning, I ended up doing a blue artwork as well.  I hadn’t actually intended to, but I was working on something else and squirted way too much blue paint out by accident and the phone book was sitting in the recycle bin, so what else was I supposed to do?


This is my first “proper” zentangle.  I’d played with the idea before now, but kept running out of ideas for patterns.  Then I came across, which rather solved that issue.

Metallic gelly roll pens are not ideal for this kind of detail work.

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3 Responses to Because Why Not

  1. lee says:

    wow, great , I have tried them before, but decided they were not for me. But you did a fantastic job

  2. Tammy says:

    Metallic gelly rolls tend to be a little more puddly, but they definitely have a place in the world of doodles! Lovely patterns today and cheers to building a rainbow one color at a time!

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