I am having a bad day.  Officially.

The men are waterproofing our basement so I had to listen to drilling while eating breakfast.

Not that I could eat breakfast because I woke up with a stiff neck and I still can’t straighten it and it hurts.

I managed.

And my period suddenly came back despite having been gone for a day and a half, which makes no sense at all.

Last night Hero parked my car in what may or may not be a handicapped spot on our street and this morning there was a nasty note on my windshield.  I still don’t know if it’s really a handicapped spot.

The girl who usually watches Beauty during the women’s bible study was sick so I had her with me.  And she was wiggly and I couldn’t get things for her properly because my neck hurt.

And there were walnut chocolate chip cookies and I’m allergies to walnuts.  Beauty had one though.

And the women were not making any sense at all, especially the one older woman who is starting to get senile.

And my eyes hurt from the dry air.

And my neck hurts.

And I don’t know what’s for dinner.

And grumph.

Some days are like this.  Even in Australia.

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