Well, today is better than yesterday was.  Beauty has been mostly quite cheerful, and she enjoyed the nursery program at Community Bible Study and it was my week to help with the kids but they left me off early to go have brunch with my Core Group, which was very nice of them.  They also officially inducted my mom as the Teaching Director, though I missed that bit.

And my neck is better, in that at least I can lift my head up.  It still hurts, though.

And I even know what dinner is.

My first Swap-bot swap has officially been completed.  We were swapping Star Wars bookmarks, handmade or storebought.  I sent off a painted 8-bit Han Solo (based on a design from Pixel People) and received a cross-stitched light saber.  A red one.  Unfortunately the assembly isn’t very good: to make it into a bookmark, she wrapped the fabric around a piece of cardstock or something and held it together with glue dots, which means it is bulky and not holding together well (glue dots are not designed to hold fabric securely) and sticky in places where the glue dots are not entirely covered.  But it’s a lovely cross-stitch, so I shall pull it apart and see if I can find a cleaner way to mount it.  And then I will probably give it to my brother, since I have no use for a cross-stitched light saber.  Even a very nice one.  Unless Hero wants it, but random geekery will probably do better in a dorm room than Hero’s office.

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