I am amused to note that this blog got one hit on Christmas – from some poor shmo who googled “how to make barium chromate.”  I hope he or she is successful in their quest and doesn’t die from all the chemicals that will want to kill him or her.

Anyway.  The holidays went well, with large amounts of family time and large amounts of food and only minor unpleasantnesses.  Beauty did surprisingly well, given all the stimulation and weird food and completely screwed-up sleep schedule.  She has also decided she likes opening presents.

The weather outside is, if not frightful, at least thoroughly disgusting.  I’d be tempted to stay home except that we need more milk and cheese and my mom has our gifts from my great-aunts.  (Mom handles their finances at this point, and she forgot to write the checks before the holidays.)  And since I’m going there anyway, I may as well go while they’ve got people over and are decorating gingerbread Maccabees, so that will be fun.

(Several years ago my mom decided that she missed gingerbread men and started having a party each year to make gingerbread Maccabees.  It’s a great deal of fun.  We make elaborately decorated gingerbread men and women in all sorts of costumes, including a Regency ballgown, the phantom of the opera, a college football cheerleader, superman, etc etc etc.  The younger boys tend to cover theirs in red-hots and jab them with toothpicks to make horribly-wounded Persian soldiers.  Boys will be boys, I suppose.)

…and Beauty just woke up so I need to go.  Just as well that I didn’t have anything useful to say anyway.

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