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I think I’ve been making up for lost time in the art department.  Or something.  I didn’t go that long without doing art stuff, really.  But am excited.  It happens.

Let’s see….I had a piece where I wanted to collage on colored tissue paper, but the tissue paper I have is the stuff that doesn’t bleed, and that’s no fun.  (Okay, it is fun.  Just not the look I wanted.)  At some point I should get some bleeding tissue.

Anyway, I ended up doing this:

That’s a tissue (like the ones for blowing your nose) that I put on the side of a milk carton and misted with water (you can kinda see the mister to the side) until it was quite wet, and then I dropped diluted food coloring onto it.  The folds create such cool patterns, don’t they?

I’ll have to do this with Beauty when she’s a bit older.

Unfortunately, the cool patterns don’t last.  The color evens out as it dries.

(The one on the right was done after I took the pictures, which is why it doesn’t show up earlier.  I actually did a little doodling on that tissue with a gold gelly pen, just to see what would happen.)

But they’re still quite pretty.

And at some point I’ll collage with them.  I think that the mod podge will make the tissue disappear, leaving layers of sheer color.  Here’s hoping it works.

If you want to try this, it’s pretty easy.  Don’t forget to put something under the cartons to catch drips, and of course experiment with folding and draping and whatever else comes to mind.  Tissues are usually two layers, and I separated the layers before I started, but you don’t have to.  Regular tissue paper would also work, of course, and so would paper towels or toilet paper or whatever comes to mind.

I have other stuff to show you, but I think I’ll make it a separate post.

Update: Now that’s what I’m talking about!  This layer is mostly dry.  I don’t know what will go on top of it yet.  The darker strips are homemade washi tape sorta stuff – medical tape painted with watercolors.  Beauty got her first set of watercolors for Hannukkah, and of course she makes a mess, so I used some of the mess to paint these to reduce the waste from cleaning the pans off.

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