And this is the other super-exciting art post.  Or not.  It makes me happy.

Anyway, yesterday I was poking around online while eating breakfast, and I decided to visit Amy and discovered that she had started one of her awesome free online workshops 15 minutes before!  She’ll probably post the video at some point, but I don’t see it now.  I don’t like to paint much while Beauty is awake, because she wants to participate and combining a toddler with possibly-toxic acrylic paints sounds like a bad call.  But I turned it on anyway and watched and listened in between eating and playing and folding laundry.

And then when she went down for a nap, I tried it myself.  And I’m really happy with the result.

It’s way simpler than it looks.  Amy had us start by tearing a face out of a magazine or something and gluing it to our painting surface.  I suppose you could just paint on the magazine, come to think of it.  Whatever.  Once you have your face, you mix up some dark skin-tone (red and yellow and a little blue) and cover the face, which looks awful.  But as it dries you can see the lines of the face faintly through the paint, and you go in with a dry brush a little white paint and start bringing out the highlights.

I cheated a bit at this point and mixed my white with a little of the skin-tone color, to warm it up, and used some dark brown on the shadows.  And I forgot that Amy adds pink or orange to the cheeks.  I gave her purple hair because we were talking about purple hair during the class, and because I can only work in shades of brown for so long without feeling bored.  And that’s a scarf she’s wearing.  I hated the neck and covered it.

It’s just on scratch paper, so I guess at some point I’ll glue it to something and see where it goes.  Or not.

Speaking of things on scratch paper, isn’t this cool-looking?

I really like it.

It’s kinda from this, which I also like:

Okay, lemme back up and tell it properly.  You may or may not remember that my first lemon yellow painting was a dud.  I knew I wanted texture, but I went too far and didn’t have any sort of plan and it was generally a mess.  So yesterday I sanded it some, to smooth out some of the over-textured-ness, and painted over it.

I knew I wanted it to have a fish, inspired by some ATC that I saw last week and almost certainly cannot find now.  I considered a couple different ways to get it on, but what I ended up doing was very simple.  I found a koi fish I liked on pinterest, held a piece of scratch paper up to the screen and traced the main lines in pen, then put a layer of tissue paper (actually one layer of a tissue that you blow your nose with) over the paper and traced it in Sharpie.  (I didn’t want to trace directly onto the tissue because then I would get Sharpie on my screen.)  Then I mod podged the tissue onto the painting, and the tissue disappeared and the fish stayed!  I was a little concerned that the Sharpie would bleed, but it didn’t.

The scratch paper fish, of course, has Sharpie where it bled through the tissue, and I really like the energy it gives it.  So cool.

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2 Responses to Fish!

  1. iamrushmore says:

    I found this EXACT SAME CARD in my mailbox today. I’m crazy happy. You are the best for sending it to me. I love surprises. And I can’t wait to poke around some more on your blog. Because that other post? about hanging out at the library? you totally had me right there. the only bumper sticker I’ve ever had on my car in my 25 years of driving is the one proudly flying there right now “I love my library”. total library geek. THANKS! – Karen

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