Am I Weird?

Okay, yes, I know I’m weird.  Well, not as weird as I used to be.  But it’s still there.

More to the point, is it weird to hang out in the library?  Beauty was antsy last night and we were both tired, so we took her to the library to hang out for an hour.  We do this every so often.  The kids’ section has a variety of toys to play with, and of course there’s books to look at, and mostly it’s a nice interesting space for her to trundle around in.

She loves books, but at this stage she isn’t all that interested in new books, so she usually lets us read one or two with her and that’s about it.  She’ll also pull some older-kid books off the shelf and “read” them.  We supervise her carefully, reshelve the books she takes out, put away all the toys before we leave, etc etc etc.

Anyway, as we were leaving last night the librarian commented that we’d been there a very long time and that she’d been very good the whole time.  I don’t think our behavior was inappropriate, but I wonder if the librarian thought so.

I’m probably overthinking the whole thing.  I do that.  I guess it’s unusual for people to take advantage of the library’s evening hours like that (it is true we were the only ones in the kids’ section the whole time) but unusual isn’t the same as wrong and everyone knows it.  I hope.

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2 Responses to Am I Weird?

  1. Beth S. says:

    I bet the librarian was just surprised that a toddler was able to be there for that long without melting down. Adults come and sit in libraries for an hour to read magazines and whatnot, so I don’t think it’s that weird to hang out there with a kid. I’m sure they get most of their kid traffic during the day though.

  2. CosetTheTable says:

    When I was small, I practically lived in the local libraries. There are some libraries that will actually close their children’s section and leave the rest of the library open, so if there were hours they felt were “child appropriate”, they could do that.

    Also, and hour is NOT a long time. I mean, it is to a small child. It’s definitely a long time for a small child to maintain library-appropriate behavior when tired. And in terms of a bored employee watching patrons, it’s a long time. But it’s in no way inappropriate.

    I mean, really, I may have spent full hours in the audiovisual area of one library as a small child, nevermind the kids section with the hamsters and fish and tarantula. And puzzles. And the rocking chair! And the computer with awesome games.

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