Another Word

I seem to be hearing that a lot lately.  Beauty received an Aquadoodle for Hannukkah, and it’s probably her favorite toy of the season.  It’s a play mat with a thin white fabric over the center, so that the color shows through when you get it wet with the included sponge-pen-thing.  And she loves it.

She likes drawing on it herself, but her favorite is when we write words on it and she picks out the letters.  And then another word.  And another word.  We could be at this for a while.

(Even cuter is when she scribbles and then finds letters that she wrote – usually lots of I’s and J’s, with the occasional W, X, or K.  They’re usually more or less recognizable, too.)

Also adorable was when I asked her yesterday whether if had pooped, and she put her hands on her bottom as if to check, and answered “Uh….no.”  She hadn’t, but I suspect that’s just coincidence.  She says “no” to everything at this point.

But she also gave me a hug this morning when I put her in the car to go home from the grocery store, so that makes up for it.  (Admittedly she added “I’m going to miss you” but that’s just cute.)

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