Behold, my very first ATCs!


For those not in the know – ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.  It’s a little artwork the size of a baseball card or a poker card that people send to each other for little or no reason.  It is surpassed in silliness by inchies, twinchies, and thrinchies, which are bits of cardstock one, two, and three inches square, which also get decorated and flung about.

Anyway, I have started doing a few, and they are quite fun.  The dragonfly-things are silver pen on melted crayon (put paper on hot surface and draw slowly – terribly addictive fun, though nothing sticks to it afterwards and it’s a pain to work with), and the cthulhu is my own design (more or less) in pen and watercolor, and the abstract thing is a doodle with a Silhouette-made cutout in front of it. They are all getting sent out for swaps, which means that I’m not creating clutter!  Yay!  Except then people will send me their ATCs, but those I can chuck in a box or something.

And I attempted to do one featuring James Clerk Maxwell, which was less of a success.  Maxwell discovered the equations that govern the movement of light and other forms of EM energy.  He was also the first person to figure out how to make ellipses and things with string, which is pretty cool.  I’m not totally pleased with either ATC (the main difference is that one is a dry transfer, and the other just got sent through the printer a second time) but they’ll do.


I better hit the post office.  Two of the ATCs are getting mailed to someone in Spain.

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4 Responses to Lo

  1. iamrushmore says:

    These are cool. Image transfers will be the death of me – I always hate my results, yet I can’t stop trying. I like the Maxwell one with the equation written on it. And the background of the dragon fly one is dreamy!

  2. Halla says:

    Welcome to the world of ATC’s. Very nice start and cute cthulhu. :)

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