The Cthulhu ATC I showed you the other day was for a swap-bot swap.  The host is doing a series of mythical creature ATC swaps.  I missed yeti/bigfoot, I did cthulhu, I am choosing not to do the kraken (because that’s far too many tentacles for one month) and the next one is the Rainbow Serpent from Australian aboriginal mythology.

But when I clicked on the link she provided with information on the Rainbow Serpent, I felt a very strong check in my spirit.  (That’s a christian thing – really just an evangelical thing, the other groups call it something else or don’t believe in it – and it’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it.  Sort of a feeling of warning or restraint in the back of my mind.  It’s usually not hard to tell which ones are from God and which ones are just me being neurotic.)

At first I figured it was just the site she’d linked to.  That happens sometimes.  So I switched to wikipedia and read more and it was really quite interesting but whenever I tried to plan the ATC the restraint came back.  Don’t plan this.  Don’t paint it.  Don’t join the swap.


I’m not sure what the problem is.  Things I paint can’t have bad spirits attached to them because there aren’t any inside me.  (We rooted out the last of the generational spirits a couple years ago, so I know there’s nothing there.)  I doubt that learning about aboriginal mythology is the problem, though I think I’ll steer clear of it anyway rather than try to sort out the details.  It’s not like I’m dying to know more.

Obviously it could be a problem for me to receive an ATC that has spirits attached to it, but since partners are randomly assigned I don’t see why God can’t arrange for a clean partner.  Or I could just get rid of the ATC that came.

My best guess is that there’s something going on with the host of the swap that’s muddying the waters.  She’s Australian, so that at least fits in.  I’m not really sure what she could do that would be problematic, but if the swap is under her authority I suppose there’s something.

I don’t have a point to all this.  I just thought it was odd and interesting.  And I signed up for a seahorse ATC swap instead.

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