This actually follows remarkably pat after yesterday’s post.  Pure coincidence as far as I know, though I suppose God may have had other ideas.

This morning at the ladies’ bible study thing we listened to Jonathan Cahn‘s message at the messianic rabbi’s conference this weekend.  It was mostly an encouragement to expand visions and be bold and things like that.  Overall a good word, actually.  Sometimes he’s a bit out there for my taste, but this was right on.

At one point…well, I keep saying that he talked about the importance of finding your parallel in the Bible and using his or her life to shape your vision for your own, but he didn’t actually say that.  He just gave a bunch of examples and let people notice the overall idea or not.  But someone who felt old and worn out would look to Moses, and someone who felt young and intimidated would look to Jeremiah or David, and someone who felt tainted by sin would look to Isaiah, and so on.

So on the way home I considered who best fit as my parallel.  And the best answer I’ve come up with is Bezalel.

Bezalel was selected by God to build the first tabernacle.  God told Moses that he had been anointed with wisdom and knowledge and skill in many areas.  He could draw plans, work gold and silver, carve wood, cut stone, and instruct others in these skills.

I see two parallels between him and me.  The first is the skillset.  My training is in engineering (the drawing plans bit), but these days I’m mostly doing writing and visual art (the artisan bit) and I do love to mentor others.

The second is based more on guesswork.  If Bezalel was just a normal guy and God zapped him with all this knowledge, the second parallel falls through.  But God is outside of time, after all, and it’s just as possible that Bezalel possessed knowledge of at least some of those skills before they ever left Egypt.  If that’s the case, it means he went through several apprenticeships, never settling into one profession and sticking with it.  In which case he may have been a bit like me – good at a lot of things, none of which ever seem to be especially practical, and having trouble feeling actually useful.

Even if this all matches up, I’m not sure where the vision for my life goes from there.  It’s not like we’re in need of another tabernacle.  But it’s still a cool thought.

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  1. Dragon says:

    What I find so inrtiesetng is you could never find this anywhere else.

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