I have more ATCs!  I am enjoying them.  I like that they are for swapping.  It gives me a deadline and sometimes a theme and I don’t have to figure out where to store them.

Food-coloring-dyed tissue, with “Fire burns” printed on a tissue that I glued to paper and ran through my printer.  The tissue disappears when coated in mod podge, which is very useful.  The info on the back is actually upside-down because I discovered that the background looked better upside-down.

Found a seahorse I liked (on wikipedia), played with it and cleaned it up, then traced it in inkscape to make a contact paper sticker.  There was an eye, but the hole was too small for the paint.  Oh well.  The background is metallic green paint, stamped with a hand-carved eraser stamp, painted over with watercolors.

For a “Something Geeky starting with G” swap, this is Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge.  I’m quite pleased with him.  I traced the main lines from a photograph and painted over it.  I have no idea why he got a glitter background, but it seemed appropriate somehow.

Emika posted in the swap-bot forums, looking for someone to do a one-on-one trade with her and send her an ATC with the number four.  I gather she’s collecting the entire alphabet and letter set, and was missing four.  I’ll admit I find this a bit puzzling, but I suppose she enjoys it.  Anyway, I volunteered.

The card is collaged watercolored phone book pages, with paint on top.  The font for the reverse stencil was…drat.  akaDora, I think.

This one is a surprise for Emika, because why not.  Watercolor, gelly pen doodle, reverse stencils, sponged-on paint.  I’m not sure what I think – I like the lettering to be clearer, but letting the background show through is nice.

Logically this should have gone before the last one, but it’s awfully pretty so I saved the best for last.  Since it seemed silly to make and send just one ATC to Hungary, we decided it would be the 4 ATC and one other typographic one.  And ampersands are pretty.  Font is CAC Champagne, stretched some to make it fit the ATC proportions better.  Background is watercolor and stamped gold acrylic paint (the same stamp as the seahorse, actually.)  Once the stencil was on, I smeared it with black paint.  But that was too black so I smeared it with red paint.  Naturally that was too red so I grabbed a baby wipe to take some of it off.  In doing so I accidentally let some of the gold show through in one corner, and I liked it so much I went around and did the rest.

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2 Responses to Four?

  1. CosetTheTable says:

    He gets sparkles because he so often falls under the Magical Negro trope!!!!

    (I would link to the tvtropes page, but I try very very very hard not to go to tvtropes at work, even on days that are slow).

    • that’s probably the most logical explanation :) I think it might be more Star Trek = 70’s/80’s = glitter. Or something along those lines.

      Staying off tvtropes is probably sensible. I’m most of the way through reading the Real Life entry – is kind of a problem

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