Beauty turned two this past Saturday.  I suppose I should have posted then, but dates have always seemed awfully arbitrary to me.

But now we are sitting around at home because she was throwing up last night and is now running a fever, so I have nothing better to do.  She’s actually pretty cheerful.

She’s been growing like crazy.  She knows all her letters (though she isn’t interested in learning what they say yet) and a bunch of shapes (including rhombus, and Hero is working on trapezoid) and she loves drawing and painting and clapping and reading.  She asks for the foods she wants (usually cheese, or oatmeal, or fruit) and the Hide ’em in Your Heart CDs are playing constantly, at her request.

She has to have at least two toys to eat breakfast with her.  At first they share bites, but when she gets bored they go swimming.  Then Hero asks why a plastic sheep and cow are drying in the dish rack.

She’s working on figuring out how to open her bedroom door, though admittedly so far she has been using this skill to come out when she doesn’t want to take her nap, rather than after the nap.  But such is life.  On the flipside, sometimes she asks for a nap when she realizes she’s tired.

She doesn’t like giving kisses, but she does like going “under,” which means climbing onto our bed and hiding under the sheet.  Sometimes she’s go under by herself, and spend quite a long time wiggling and kicking and giggling to herself, but she really likes when Hero and I go under with her and we are all under together.

And she is my baby girl and I wuvs her very very much.

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