I don’t have Instagram.  I don’t have an igadget, and I don’t intend to acquire an igadget.  And while I don’t know that I’ll actually use Instagram if they ever decide to create an Android version, I hate not having access to free things.  So I decided that I may as well start playing around in Gimp and see whether I could match their filters.

This was harder than expected because Instagram images rarely have a “before” shot.  I believe the old version of Instagram didn’t bother saving the original, which didn’t help anything.  But before I got too frustrated I ran across a set of Instagram samples, which made the filters much easier to study.

So here are a few Gimped-up pictures I’ve created recently.  I left off borders, and in some cases vignetting.  I could add them, I suppose.

My version of Gotham.  One of them anyway – I played around a lot and have a few versions of this image tucked away.  Gotham is supposed to be black and white, but I find black and white boring, so I exaggerated the slight color cast to create something I find more appealing.

Toaster, which actually got me playing with curves.  And texture.  Why doesn’t Gimp come with a linen texture?  Is ridiculous.  It’s easy enough to add new ones, but it’s still ridiculous.  Though actually I ended up not using the pattern fill after all.

One blogger called Poprocket “the Comic Sans of photography,” and I can’t say I blame him.  Nor am I wholly satisfied with this rendition.  But it makes my brother look funny, and that’s always a good thing.

Walden was actually pretty simple, mostly because I tried it before I found the technical samples and didn’t know about the gradient and the texturing and whatnot.  But I still like this picture.

This isn’t an Instagram filter at all.  At least, I don’t think so.  I was playing around with different methods for adding texture, without even intending to save the results, and the image just came together beautifully.  So I played with the background until I got something I liked and saved it off.

And those are my recent adventures in Gimp.  I am having fun.

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