Finding Nessie

More ATC’s!  There’s been a lot of art posts lately.  Hopefully Beauty will do something especially cute soon.  And I’ll write about speaking in tongues tomorrow.  That should be interesting.

I found Nessie!  This is for a Loch Ness Monster ATC swap.  Since we honeymooned in Scotland, all I had to do was find one of our pictures of Loch Ness and play with it a bit and print it out.  The frame is cut from a larger print of the same picture.

Painted the background, mostly with my fingers, then did a dry transfer.  Going to some high school art program thing.  Eventually.


Transfer of a half-tone image of Beauty sticking her tongue out on an acrylic paint background, and a melted crayon one with Sharpie flowers.  I finally wised up and melted the crayons directly onto the index card before cutting it down to ATC size, rather than trying to adhere waxed paper to an ATC blank.  The information on the back shows through a bit, but not much.


And these two were made by weaving together two melted wax paintings.  I really like them, especially the orange and blue one.  (Even if it is a bit Troperiffic.)  And yes, I had to glue these to the blanks, but it’s really not the end of the world.

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