Tonight Beauty went to bed without nursing for the first time.  (Which I recently realized means she’s the only one of the four babies born in our congregation in 2010 who has not had a sleepover at her grandparents’ yet.)

This doesn’t mean she’s anything like entirely weaned.  She also nurses in the morning, for one thing.  And the current evening system is that after her vitamins she gets offered milk and books and nursing if she wants it.  Tonight she hadn’t asked to nurse after five minutes or so, so I put her pajamas on and Hero brushed her teeth and it was bedtime.

I feel like I ought to be all emotional over this, but I’m not.  She’s awfully wiggly now, after all.  And she’s growing and I’m growing and all is well.  I am glad to have made it to two years, but if it ends I don’t think I’ll mind.  I certainly won’t mind the evening nursings going away.  I might mind the morning ones more, mostly because that’s ten minutes I can’t be lying down with my eyes closed after she wakes me up.  On the other hand, it opens up the possibility of a weekend away with Hero, and that sounds awfully nice.

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