Lately I’ve felt like I’m living with an unusually affectionate Terminator.

Really.  Hero heard that and said he thought “Energizer Bunny” would be a better comparison, but you know what?  I feel like she’s being a Terminator.  She doesn’t sleep.  She doesn’t eat.  She will find you.

Well, she does eat.  But she hasn’t been napping, and she’s been waking up at 6:30 (which is not an approved plan) and she’s averaging about 10 hours of sleep at an age when children need at least 12, according to what I’ve read.  She could just be at the far end of the bell curve, but it seems more likely that she’s being kept up by teething or some other stress.

She’s just been incredibly clingy lately.  She has to be in my lap or hugging my leg all afternoon.  (She does better in the mornings.)  And all evening, preferably, though of course Hero can take a turn then.  Though he’s been more stressed than usual because of a series of meetings he had to host this weekend.  But the meetings went well, so hopefully that will get better.  I’m just really tired.

In a case of beautifully perfect timing, I thought I was pregnant this weekend.  I felt nauseated for a couple of days, but the test was negative and it seems to have cleared up, so maybe it was just a minor stomach bug.  Unfortunately, the thought of a second little Terminator was not a very thrilling one, and I ended up crying because I felt so ambivalent about the possibility, and then crying because clearly only a horrible person is upset about possibly being pregnant.  (At this point my sister showed her very good sense by hitting me over the head with a therapeutic hammer and making me take a nap.)

But it really will be okay.  Beauty is no doubt going through Just a Phase, and will go back to normal soon.  And someday I’ll get enough sleep.

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