Amy’s interviewy thingy

Amy’s interview thingy post is a week old, but I’m not feeling well and I feel like posting something.  Also my n key is only working when it feels like it, so I’ll probably leave out a couple of them.

1.  what is your favorite kind of cheese?  what are your thoughts on smelly cheeses?

I like Manchego a lot.  I like most cheeses, unless they are very sharp.  I don’t think I’ve had enough smelly cheeses to know what I think of them.

2.  marmite or vegemite?

I’ve had marmite and liked it.  I haven’t had vegemite.  I bet I’d like it too.

3.  are you afraid of midgets?

I…don’t think so?  I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever met one.  I think I have.  Maybe.  I don’t mind them on TV, at least.  I don’t think I’d mind one in real life.  Well, not for midget-ing, at least.  I’m sure midgets are just as likely to be idiots as anyone else.

4.  do you hate the lady that works at the post office?

We have an automatic machine thingy.  It is wonderful.  I avoid contact with people behind desks whenever I possibly can.  That said, the couple of times I’ve needed to speak to the postal workers they’ve been perfectly sane.

5.  wine: red or white

I’ll cheerfully drink either, as log as it isn’t too dry or too tannin-y.  Whites don’t have tannin, so I guess whites tend to fit my requirements more often.  I will not drink beer at all ever.  I will drink bourbon whenever it is offered to me.  Not necessarily in the amounts offered, of course, but I like bourbon.

6.  do you hold a grudge?

only against myself.  I’m pretty good at forgiving others, but I remember times I did something stupid for ages.  It’s a problem.  I have a whole post planned at some point about how I’ve been struggling with how there’s grace for actual wrongdoing but not explicitly for mishearing a question and answering wrong and being embarrassed about it.

7.  what are you addicted to?

milk, the internet, Hero, sunshine

8.  who do you think is more evil – verizon or at&t.  you can’t say they are equal you have to choose.

they are equal.  no way around it.  I’ll pick AT&T, though.  We got off both and are on Virgin Mobile and it makes me happy.  We use Verizon for internet though.

9.  deserted island. one food and one food only for the rest of your life.  what’s it gonna be?

sushi!  it’s even practical on a deserted island.  I would be sad without milk, though.  and oatmeal.

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3 Responses to Amy’s interviewy thingy

  1. AMy McDonald says:

    dang. i forgot about sushi.

  2. AMy McDonald says:

    congratulations! this is excitement!

    i am so happy for you. i need to find your email address so i can tell you congratulations properly!


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