I’m pregnant!  Most of you know that, actually, since apparently my blog is the last thing I’m updating about this.  But I have to post something.

I’m probably about seven weeks along.  I’ve had breast tenderness for a couple weeks now, though it’s starting to go away, and I’ve been getting queasy and hurty in the evenings.  And sometimes in the mornings.  I think I probably lost a pound or two before I figured out I can still eat lunch (I don’t usually eat lunch) but I don’t track my weight well enough to be sure.

My brother has been referring to it as “protobundle” and “bundle beta” and “baby velociraptor” and the like.  It makes him happy.

My hunch this time is that it’s a boy.  I was right last time, but we will see.  A girl would have the advantage of rewearing all Beauty’s clothes.

Um.  I’d be more introspective but I feel gross and you don’t want to hear what would come out.  Later then.

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