So I’m pregnant.  And I am feeling gross.  So gross.

I’m not throwing up, at least not yet, but I’m exhausted and queasy and ouchy and it’s not very fun.  It gets worse in the evening, which is good because Hero’s home to take care of us, but it does mean dinner has been from Trader Joe’s most nights.  But such is life.  I expect it’ll clear up eventually.

But.  Just because I’m feeling gross doesn’t mean I stop doing art.  Apparently.  My stamp-carving tools arrived this week, and while I haven’t felt up to anything elaborate I have done some carving.  And then I had to make an artwork with my new stamps.  Because of course I did.

So I prepped a new spread in my altered book, and started with a layer of collage.  I don’t do much collage, but I’ve been thinking lately I should try to do more of it.  And I’ve been getting lots of collage supplies from various sources.  So I went ahead.  Once the spread was more or less covered I used masking tape to between and around various pieces.  I liked the sheer quality it had, and the sort of utilitarian color.

(These pictures aren’t really up to par, but snapping pics on my phone was a lot faster and easier than using the real camera, so this is what you get.)

Then I used my little curly flourish stamp, mostly on the masking tape but also on the collage.  The shape was inspired by something I saw on a zentangle site, of all things, but it’s a nice curly bit to put places.

Then I added some glitter paint, because why not (why does glitter paint smell funny?  none of my other acrylics do) and rubbed on this weird green glaze stuff I picked up as part of a crafting grab-bag at a thrift store.  I had been thinking to use gesso over the collage, at least in places, but none of the arrangements worked in my head.

The glaze rubbed off the stamped ink, at last in some places, so I redid some of the stamping.

The other stamp I had carved had started as a quick grid, and then I carved off various corners to get a grid of irregular blobby shapes, for a halftone effect.  I used it to add some interest at this stage.  The inks were purple and brown, but they just look reddish.

And finally I needed a subject to paint on top.  I’m quite fond of birds, and this one was inspired by this design on TattooTribes.  It’s currently painted on the side of my house in moss paint (which didn’t work, so I’ll have to wash it off at some point because now it’s just mud) and I figured it would work well here too.

I used white gelly pen to sketch it on and then went over it with acrylic paint.  The paint soaked up some of the ink (despite the fact that the ink claims to be waterproof.  humph.) but overall I quite like it.

I’m not sure whether it’s done or not, but for now I’m happy to have gotten some art done and I need to go eat something before I fall over.

the butterfly effect
Paint Party Friday
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22 Responses to Priorities

  1. Lynn says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy. Is this your first? The middle trimester is the easiest if I remember correctly (I have to go back over forty years to my second)… I look forward to seeing how it affects your artwork! Fun things seen here.
    Thanks for coming to my blog today and leaving your much appreciated comments. Do return.
    And oh, do enjoy your pregnancy. The prize at the end is such a gift! You’ll love it. ;0

  2. NatashaMay says:

    That’s great! Thanks for showing the process.:)

    • thanks!! I like seeing the process on other blogs, so I like to include it on mine. (Also it lets me chatter on longer. I’m pretty quiet in real life but I like to talk online.)

  3. Debbie says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m glad you’re continuing to do art even if you’re not feeling so great. I love the depth you’ve achieved in this piece. It looks great!

  4. very cool. Sorry for the gross preggo feeling. I understand it too well!

  5. Piarom says:

    love to see the process and the colors are great!

  6. Marji says:

    I love seeing how you put things together. This is super. Happy PPF!

  7. Annette G says:

    smashing WIP. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  8. Sabina says:

    This came pit great–the white-painted bird was the perfect touch. Hope you feel better–and congrats. :-)

  9. Sabina says:

    Ugh lousy auto spell check. I meant to say this came OUT great.

  10. Congrats!!! :)
    Cool piece!

  11. Palma says:

    I liked seeing how you pulled all of your images together. Congratulations on the pregnancy and hope that the yucky stage passes soon.

  12. James Hickey says:

    what a glorious multilayered piece this is! Love the step by step process documented herein. Spring’s as good a time as any to welcome new life into the world – even if the deed itself will not be processed till late Fall sometime

  13. lizziebo says:

    Loved seeing you develop your levels. Always interesting to see how inks/paint/paper interact. By the way, my hubby OB says that ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT NECESSARY morning sickness is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy! A sign that your body is doing all the right things. Of course, he might have just said that because I was sick as a dog through all three (except for maybe a week in the middle). Good luck and good for you for doing double duty creation!

    • I have heard that elsewhere as well, and in all likelihood it’s true. Last time I was more tired and less sick, but this combination is probably better for my daughter. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. hartofhearts1016 says:

    Thanks for sharing your pages with us all….. I sure hope that you feel better soon and the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful…….

  15. Faye says:

    Very beautiful. And congratulations on your pregnancy. I like the effect of the white swirl. I use white gel pens often and love how they make things pop. I guess maybe the paper absorbed the gel but the white acrylics did just as well.

  16. EVA says:

    Smells really drove me and my tummy crazy when I was pregnant. (And it was over Christmas – so there were lots of potpourri smells – yuck.) I hope it improves for you.
    So nice to see your technique on this very interesting page. Love that bird.

  17. giggles says:

    Feel more chipper soon!! Thanks for the play by play on your process! Pretty piece!!

    Hugs Giggles

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