And then what happened?

Looking back over the last few weeks of posts, I noticed a couple of stories that required followup.  So I figured I’d catch up.

I wrote earlier about my struggles with speaking in tongues.  The women’s study has continued and we’re having quite a bit of fun.  I still find the book infuriating: his conclusions and ideas usually feel sound, but the logic he uses to support them is so wrong I get angry just thinking about it.  It’s just plain wrong.  So I’ve stopped reading the book entirely and just listen to the discussion and teaching during the meetings, where people are saner.

Tongues has gotten a bit easier.  Certainly I don’t panic anymore.  It still doesn’t come fluently most of the time, but I’ve learned a few tricks and it comes.  More interesting, I’ve started to get interpretations of what I hear, which is really fun.  A little frustrating, since I don’t usually know what any of it *means,* but at least I can give an English translation.  Actually, a lot of the time I just get an image which I describe.  My theory is that word-for-word translation is frequently impractical.

On an unrelated note, my daughter is no longer an unusually affectionate Terminator.  The issue came to a head one night when she wouldn’t sleep and wouldn’t sleep, and when she popped her head up to request more rocking time after the third round of patting I lost my temper, stormed out of the room, and yelled at Hero.  (Hero was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, so that wasn’t a great reaction, but at least I apologized.)

Instead of throwing a fit over my desertion, Beauty promptly went to sleep.  I was very surprised.  But then it occurred to me: manipulation.  Duh.

So all the rocking and patting and putting up with not-napping went out the window, to be replaced with a calm, “This is time for sleep, baby girl.  Please go back to bed.”  And she does and she sleeps and all is well.

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