Life would be much easier right now if I just had a stomach bug.  If I was sick, throwing up would accomplish something and I could go throw up whenever I felt like it and be better in a day or two.  As it is, throwing up would accomplish nothing but making me dehydrated so I have to breathe through it and lie down and distract myself with books and it’s really a pain.  And I have to take care of Beauty as well.

Though actually Beauty is getting much better at being left to her own devices.  This morning she didn’t wake me up until after eight, when I heard her playing her glockenspiel in the front room.  She’d been up for at least an hour.  (Fortunately the house is sufficiently babyproofed for this to not cause me much anxiety.  This is as much a function of Beauty’s personality as anything else; if she ever turns into a daredevil we’ll be in trouble.)  And my sister took her for a large part of the morning, and of course Hero is home to take care of her in the evenings, when the nausea is worst.

And lately I’ve been delighted to notice that she’s developing a sense of humor!  Obviously she’s always been a happy child, but she’s actually starting to initiate jokes.  At first it was prompting us to say things she found amusing, such as “I think you’re silly!” or “I’ll eat your belly!”  Now she likes getting in silly arguments over the nature of things.  This morning at breakfast she identified a strawberry on the box of cereal, and I agreed that it was a strawberry, and then she got a twinkle in her eye and announced it was a tomato.  There followed five minutes of her saying “Tomato!” and giggling hysterically when I responded “noooooo!”  Made breakfast more fun, which was just as well since I was having trouble eating.

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