Explain To Me Again…

…why I shouldn’t just go throw up

…why I can’t eat Nutella straight out of the jar

…why laundry needs to exist

…why I can’t plop Beauty in front of the TV all day

…why my head hurts

…why I have to be awake

Sigh.  I wasn’t this sick last time, though I think the tiredness was worse.  Life is slightly better now that I have given in to the craving for Chinese food and discovered that I can eat Beef with Broccoli, even in the evenings.

And we don’t even have a TV.  Humph.

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8 Responses to Explain To Me Again…

  1. CosetTheTable says:

    1) Well, you could. But it might not help. And it certainly doesn’t help you keep nutrition.
    2) If you’re going to, It’s considered polite to label your jar, and let others have their own. Of course, you probably share germs pretty closely with your household, so it may not be as big a deal, but you also don’t want to let things grow. So, depending on how fast you eat the nutella, just scoop it into a bowl and eat with a spoon. No judging from me.
    3) Babies make messes. Easiest way to cut corners is on folding, for the baby, where a little more wrinkled is not the end of the world.
    4) You don’t have a TV. But a day here and there where you’re not super interactive is not going to be the end of the world. She’ll survive, and find new ways to entertain herself.
    5) Can’t help you there. Sadly.
    6) If you’ll be amused for a moment by extreme (pretend) egotism, ‘But then you couldn’t read this absurd blog comment from MEE!’ *cough* sorry about that.

    I really like the Trader Joes Chinese food options? Including the Beef&Broccoli and the Orange Chicken? As long as I don’t use all of the sauce? Also the cilantro chicken wontons (I like them when panfried, my boy likes to add them to the Tom Yum soup). Also, those weren’t actually questions. I’m not sure why there are questions marks there, but I get to leave work now so I’m just gonna hit submit. SO THERE.


    • thanks :) comments help. especially absurd ones.

      My brother gave me several dozen single-serving Nutella packets as a “just because” present. I have no idea why, but it’s a thoroughly awesome gift. But now I keep wanting to just open one and lick.

      I’m sure I could find “better” versions of Chinese food…but I really want the greasy takeout version! It’s the only thing that smells appetizing. Maybe I’ll pick up the TJ’s version in case that works too – it would save Hero a few trips to Szechuan Hill.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. The TJs version of Chinese food is some of the worst-for-you stuff they have. But sometimes it’s easier to heat something up from the freezer than talk to other humans, and then pick it up, or have it delivered….. and sometimes it happens faster that way……

      • that would make sense. But while talking to people in general is a thing to be avoided, I have Hero to do it for me, and if he were unable I expect his mother would be very happy to pick it up for me. So Trader Joe’s is less necessary.

  2. AMy McDonald says:

    wait. can we talk more about the magic jeans scanner? like. i need to find a place that has this thing.

    • It’s AMAZING. Hang on, let me find the website… http://www.me-ality.com/ They’re expanding pretty rapidly – the one near me was the only one a year ago. Looks like the one closest to you is near Atlanta, which is kinda far for jeans, but maybe there’s one near family or something? Once you’re scanned, they remember you and you can log in every so often and see what will fit this season. Of course, I’ll have to go get scanned again after the baby is born.

  3. Ha! This cracked me up! Congratulations on the new food options, and wait! Did you say no TV? Wha??? xo!

    • LOL. Thanks! It’s slowly getting better….Hero grew up without a TV because his parents didn’t see the point of having one, and Mom got sick of letting us watch it and rationed its use pretty strictly for a lot of my childhood. So neither of us is in the habit of watching much. We read a lot, we own plenty of movies, and we follow a few shows on Hulu…it works for us.

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