It’s done!  In time for PPF, too.  And it isn’t middle-school art :)

I’m quite pleased with it.  I did go ahead and do a second layer of collage over the first, with smaller pieces of paper, and then I added a couple of layers of modpodge, and then a little gold ink rubbed on the raised bits.  Then I tried my experiment of adding food coloring to Mod Podge.

It workes, but it was very interesting to work with.  Took some experimenting.  I glopped out a couple of tablespoons and added a drop of red and a drop of yellow, for a nice orangey-red color.  Very pretty.  It went on opaque and pink, so I really couldn’t predict what it would look like.  But it dried clear, with very vivid color – in fact when I saw how red the first parts to dry had gotten, I wiped off some of what was still wet.  And even with that adjustment it threw my composition off, so I started adding it elsewhere.

It’s very interesting working with a paint that isn’t WYSIWYG at all, and is thickness-dependent to boot.  But I loved the color and effect I was getting, so I persevered.  I added quite a lot to the circular pattern, as you can see, and I also added a touch to the pale yellow beads, which were starting to fade into obscurity.

At around this time I noticed that Beauty was grabbing for this piece whenever she saw it.  The first times I chased her off, but in the end I figured that it’s really quite sturdy, once it’s dry of course, so she may as well examine it.

I also noticed that she’d solved a difficulty I was having.  I felt the composition was still off-balance, but didn’t know how to fix it.  Then I noticed that she invariably held it “sideways” – and that it looked much better from that angle.  (This is one of the advantages of abstract work :)

So once I had finished with the layers and layers of carefully-applied Mod Podge, I added some leafy patterns with hand-cards stamps and metallic ink and I was done. (The bigger leaf is a stamp I made some time ago; the little one was carved for this painting when I realized I needed something small enough to stamp properly on an uneven surface.)

And since she likes it so much, I’ve decided to let Beauty keep it.  I think I’ll see if I can mount it to her wall with velcro, so she can pull it down if she wants to.

Maybe I’ll post a tutorial about the dyed Mod Podge?  It really is a cool effect – such awesome saturated colors.

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9 Responses to Snaffled

  1. Lisa Wright says:

    I did something very similar this week. It is great fun to experiment and I love the colours, textures and overall effect you created. It is always very special when our children want to keep our art too!

  2. artmusedog says:

    Lovely creation and your daughter has a great ‘eye’ ~ she is so adorable and obviously is quite taken with your art work ` thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. minnemie says:

    Through the eyes of a child… we learn so much! Well done for seeing what she had to show you through her little eyes. I am often too busy… too busy being the blind adult to see what they see… and I miss out. What a beautiful gift to her – to be able to take it down and love it with eyes AND fingers whenever she wants to. Bravo to you!

  4. Annette G says:

    She obviously is fascinated with it and loving the bright colours and textures. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Scarlett says:

    I can’t help but think how much my little guy would love this, he can’t see very well and he loves things that have heavy texture and sensory interest. It turned out super cool, love it!!

  6. carlarey says:

    Based on how absorbed Beauty is with this piece, I’d say you can call it a huge success. I think it’s wonderful that you gave it to her. She obviously considers it a treasure.

  7. I love it! And the pics with the little one!

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