Equally Awkward

After last week’s post seemed like as good a time as any to share my own “dating” experiences from my teen years.  Of course, I was dating Hero for all that time, and there were plenty of teen-awkward moments in that relationship, but I think I’ll talk about the other guys who took it into their heads to ask me out instead.

The first was Jamie.  Jamie asked me to the prom.  (Hero and I were dating, but this wasn’t really public knowledge at the time because he was being pesty.)  Except he didn’t ask me himself, he had a friend ask me.  And the friend was also embarrassed about the whole thing, and as a result I didn’t have the faintest idea what he was asking.  So I said…something, I have no idea what…and the friend called across to Jamie that “she’ll think about it” and I figured out what had happened a few minutes later when the bits clicked into place and was thoroughly embarrassed.  I never did say anything about it to either of them.  Hopefully Jamie assumed I wasn’t interested and moved on.

Then there was Josh.  Who also wanted to take me to the prom.  Only this would have been the senior prom, because he was two years older than me.  We sat at the same table in Art sometimes.  Anyway, Josh apparently also couldn’t ask directly so he got his best friend Kristie (who also sat at that art table) to ask for him.  Kristie was at least coherent, but she didn’t like taking no for an answer.  She spent the next two weeks waiting for Josh to leave the table to get something and then telling me that she didn’t know what he was going to do because he really was in love with me.  Which I doubt.

And that was (fortunately) all I had to put up with in high school.  But it was enough.  Fortunately one cannot actually die of embarrassment, or I don’t think any of us would make it to college.

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3 Responses to Equally Awkward

  1. CosetTheTable says:

    My freshman year of high school, I was ‘dating’ someone from another school (we’d gone to daycamp together). Bruce, from my biology class, walked up to me before the winter semiformal, and told me that “Matt” wanted to ask me to the dance. I responded, without thinking, that I was seeing someone. And he walked away. And I still don’t know which one of the Matts asked me via proxy. There were just over 300 kids in the freshman class alone. And years later, when I asked Bruce, he didn’t remember the event at all (or at least had the discretion to pretend he didn’t).

    • Hero says he thinks high school guys who ask by proxy are in the minority, or at least only about half and half. I’m not at all sure I believe him.

      • CosetTheTable says:

        Well, that’s the only by-proxy story I have. But then again, I largely didn’t offer anyone else opportunities. I went pretty quickly from relationship to relationship, and if I was ready to move things to a relationship and the person in question seemed kind of shy, I just went ahead and kissed them. While it was certainly …. interestingly?…. forward of me in some situations, it removed a **lot** of ambiguity.

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