The Yogurt Conundrum

Beauty is currently crouching on her dining room chair, clutching a fork and moaning “oh noooooo” over and over.  She has been for some time.  Nearly twenty minutes so far.

I am unclear as to the point of this particular tantrum.  She has repeatedly requested yogurt and has vehemently rejected every offer of yogurt.  Perhaps she is angry because she does not want to want yogurt?  Or perhaps she is angry about the existence of yogurt?  Or spoons?  She requested (and was given) a fork, but it has not ameliorated matters.

I have wiped up the yogurt that she spilled over the table and my hand.  Perhaps it was the bowl she objected to, and I should have left it.  But that seems unlikely.  And untidy.

In a beautiful illustration of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing, I see her fingers drifting towards the bowl.  Perhaps her hand hopes that getting a few bites into her tummy will resolve the situation. We will wait and see.

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2 Responses to The Yogurt Conundrum

  1. CosetTheTable says:

    If I was having that tantrum, it would be because I really WANT to like yogurt, and even sometimes like the taste of it, but I don’t like the texture. I’m fine with pudding, just not yogurt. Unless it has granola in it.

    Is it possible that she definitionally thinks that yogurt has things in it (like fruit?) or that it does NOT have things in it? That it is the wrong color for yogurt?

    ………I’m reaching here, I know.

    • this was the exact yogurt that she picked out yesterday at Trader Joe’s. And she’s had it before. She calmed down as soon as she’d eaten some. She’s just not quite sane after her nap. I can sympathize.

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