Um, hi?

I haven’t been here in a while.  My brain wasn’t working very well.  It’s a good thing the internet doesn’t have people wandering around reporting abandoned blogs.

Okay, scratch that.  Abandoned blogs probably should be recycled.  Not the ones that have stuff in them, but the ones that have one introductory post and nothing else?  Those can go.  Also my tumblr account.  I think there’s one image on it.  And maybe a couple of quotes.  I wonder if I can remember what password I used; that would make for vaguely-interesting reading.

(Went and looked.  Apparently I tied one of my twitter accounts to tumblr at some point, which was not a good plan.  I think I’ll delete the account if I can remember the password.)

Anyway, I’m still alive and still pregnant.  I can’t slouch any more because my ribs start aching and I think Hero would be able to feel the baby kick if we timed it right.  Would help if the baby kicked more.  Seems to be the quiet type.

And I was thinking today about one of my first sleepovers, how my friend Danielle slept over and the next day her mom called my mom and said that Danielle had been up unconscionably late and wouldn’t be allowed to sleep over again.  I expect mom scolded me for this, but I don’t remember.

At any rate, the entire situation struck me as unfair, since the reason she had been up so late was that she was sitting on the toilet reading a book.  For hours.  I am so not kidding.  I was sitting in the hall and/or my bedroom, waiting to brush my teeth, and occasionally getting confirmation that she’d be out in just a minute.  She came out when she finished the book.

And I was thinking about this incident and it only just occurred to me that I really should have woken up my mom after the first 45 minutes or so.  Or used the master bathroom and gone to bed.  At least I should have told my mom what happened the next day, but I don’t think I did.

There is no point to that story.  Just that I’m glad I’m not a kid anymore.

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