Little Face

The other day Beauty climbed onto my bed in the morning after she’d eaten her peanut butter.  (She’s *supposed* to eat her peanut butter and then play quietly for a while to let me sleep longer.  Nowadays she pretty much just eats the peanut butter.  Oh well.)

I looked up at her and said, “Good morning, little bundle.”

She responded, “I not little bundle.”

“You’re not a little bundle?”

She stood up and raised her hands in triumph.  “I’m a little face!”

I guess she would know.  (Hero and I both call her Little Bundle; Hero sometimes calls her Little Face.  She has not rejected Little Bundle since, which is just as well.)

I also wanted to post this video of Beauty and her “best friend” jumping on a couch.  If you need an instant pick-me-up, this is it.

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2 Responses to Little Face

  1. Amanda Jolly says:


  2. Nancy says:

    It made me smile. Big. Thanks…they are already socializing…the little one pulled the girl on the right so she would sit with her on the couch..and the girl did after a moment. Little cues for making friends start early. They are darling.

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