Send Your rain, Lord
Send Your rain to wet the ground and make the yellow blossoms glow bright.
Send Your rain Lord
Bind us together and drench us in Your rain
Send rain to penetrate to the roots
To make the roots live
To make the green that covers the face of the rock
Send Your rain to cover the rock
Send Your rain to bring the green
Bring them down, bring them down
Use the vines to break the rock
Bring them down and break them
Break the rock into soft soil
Soft soil that will soak up the rain.

Interpretation of tongues and words of knowledge (I’m not entirely certain which this was) both normally come to me as images, not words, but this one had both, rather like a children’s picture book.  The images all had this desert-y feel, like images I’ve seen of Arizona or New Mexico.  The “yellow blossoms” looked like poppies.

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