I’ve been playing with a new swirly shape, which I’m calling “Accepted” because the top kinda makes me think of two people looking at each other.  Anyway, I’ve cut a bunch, sized for a 5×7 canvas, from paper and contact paper on my Silhouette.

This one happened because I got a new color of Liquitex acrylic (Quinacridone Magenta) and was really enjoying the blues and purples I could make with it.  This is reverse stenciled – the white shape is the base gesso showing through.  It’s painted on a piece of cereal box, and I covered the writing with a good layer of spray paint before applying the gesso, which had the advantage of getting it to lie flat instead of curling as it dried.  It’s listed in my zibbet store for $10.

This one is for a swap, for another color junkie.  It’s on cardboard, which bent slightly as I painted, which ended up creating some cool texture when I straightened it so I don’t mind. I tore the shape in places before gluing it down, and I really like the interest that adds.

And then there’s this one, which is highly problematic and may never go anywhere.  This I just traced and painted, and it’s definitely not done.  I was going for a more modern palette, which it has, but there’s no oomph.  Maybe stripes or doodles over the gray?  Not to mention that it’s on a book page and the edges are definitely too rough.  I may end up pitching it, but that’s okay.

Anyway, in other news, I’ve been planning a birthday party for myself.  My birthday isn’t until November, but the party will be in October because a certain bundle is due to arrive around then.  It’s going to be a painting party: gather the family, give everyone a cheap 11×14 canvas, put a bunch of brushes and paints and stuff on the table, and paint!  Also there will be wine and probably soup and dessert.  I think it’ll be super fun.

Consequently, I’m planning on placing an order with, and while the party is my main “present” I figure I should get a treat for myself.  So, people from Paint Party Friday, any suggestions?  I want something under $10, I think, and it should be something I can’t get at Joann’s.  (I do have a local art store that has the nicer stuff, but have you ever tried taking a two-year-old to one of those?  Bad plan.  So I don’t go there often.)  I’m leaning towards a color or two of nice soft pastels, but I’m still deciding.  What would you get?

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33 Responses to Accepted

  1. what a fun thing, to have one swirl do the job of three paintings! In the third one I’d love to see sequins or sparkles glued on that might be fun! Love the idea of swirlies as two people looking at each other! happy ppf! — alicia at

    • it really is fun. By using one shape repeatedly I’ve done the difficult design work, and I can play with colors and textures and things, which after all are the fun part. at least, that’s how it feels to me.

  2. What a fun idea. I always like to see re-interpretations with a repeating theme, very cool! Happy PPF! #7 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  3. Lynn says:

    Fun stuff! Bright fun colors!! And wonderful shapes! I’d probably get new ink pens in sizes xs and .o5. that’s what I mostly use now and I do run through them.

  4. Love your design, and how fun to experiment with it. Beautiful!!

  5. How cool to work with one design in so many ways. Wonderful work!

  6. Rinda says:

    The shape is really wonderful. It suggests a family to me.

  7. pointypix says:

    I love this accepted swirl – funny enough I designed a tattoo for myself based on an abstract design of a man and woman and the this makes me think of it as the top is slightly similar – it also reminds me of those abstract wood carvings which I love and collect everytime we go on holiday somewhere foreign! I actually love the book page one – maybe if you outlined the swirl in black it might help it pop from the page a bit more? but I think it’s my favourite!

  8. soulbrush says:

    The top half is exactly like my first tattoo I ever had. I chose it as it made me think of two hearts together- but some people think it’s snakes! LOL. Happy PPF.

  9. Kat Sloma says:

    Oooh, quinadrone magenta is a favorite of mine too. Especially paired with ultramarine blue. So vibrant. I love this swirl shape and what you are doing with it. I would recommend buying a small bottle of a new color of liquid acrylic – and then play! Happy PPF!

    • Isn’t it pretty?! I’ve been working with cheap craft acrylics for a long time and finally got tired of them, so I’m gradually switching to nicer stuff. A fun paint color is actually a great idea – thanks! Maybe in a consistency I don’t usually use, too. You never know!

  10. carlarey says:

    Oh, yes, a bottle of iridescent liquid acrylic would be great, and it would be such fun to use in these shape paintings.

  11. Carolyn Dube says:

    Great pieces here! If I was shopping I would get a stamp carving tool and some rubber to carve. It might be a bit over 10.

  12. peggygatto says:

    I can’t decide which one I like best. I love seeing the possibilities!

  13. artmusedog says:

    Very creative art work ~ love the design and colors ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  14. marycnasser says:

    Great paintings!
    And your upcoming birthday party sounds super-fun!!
    Happy PPF!!

  15. I would get a couple of great pens… microns are my favourite and they finish things off so beautifully… can’t go wrong… love the top pic by the way…xx

  16. Looks like a pregnant mother with toddler child! Hum! I wonder where that came from?? How about using spray adhesive on the last one to adhere to a firmer back board which you cut out out and use in a collage after painting “the family”..I would order some Twinkling H2O tiny jars of paint! You can get hem on Ebay or through Amazon. I do love #1, I am in a purple mood lately!

  17. dhdevelop says:

    I love your party idea! It just sounds totally like FUN.

    Hmmm. I’ve really been enjoying drippy, transparent watercolors recently–so I think that would be my choice!

  18. oh my. I love the design. Yes, Accepted is perfect. wow, I am really digging it!

  19. Sabina says:

    I love your idea for a painting party–that’s so awesome. Of course now I wanna throw one… just because.

    Also love your symbols in these pieces. The swirls are so filigree-like and elegant.

    • I was going to do one “just because” and then realized it was more likely to actually happen as a birthday thing. I got the idea from a store I passed – I think it was called Painting with a Twist – they have workshops and parties where everyone has wine (that’s the twist) and everyone gets a canvas and a local artist walks everyone through reproducing painting. It sounded awesome to me until the bit where everyone paints the same thing. So I’m doing the funner version :)

  20. JKW says:

    Your shape idea and what you are doing with it is unique and deeply meaningful. Painting party sounds fun, interesting, and extraordinary. Blessings, Janet PPF

  21. NatashaMay says:

    Love this swirl. Looks so fantastically different with the background. :)

  22. Debbie says:

    your hearts are cool! If I were getting something for myself it would be the pan pastels. I love the way they blend!

  23. Carol Samsel says:

    Great new design!! Your party sounds like a blast!!If I had to choose a gift at DickBkick it would be Signa Uniball Pens in white. I love using the white pen in my art. The black is nice too but can get them on lots of places. The white is harder to find.

  24. I love the new design, and at the moment I would get some encaustic blocks, or maybe an oil stick…or some more oil pastels…clearly there is a reason I could never just make a $10 purchase from Dick Blick!

    • It’s being REALLY hard!! My husband tends to encourage me to spend money (within reason, of course) on art supplies because I used to get so anxious about it, and that is NOT HELPING anything.

  25. Beautiful line work- I love the way it flows in all the rendering you’ve used it for- gorgeous!

  26. Piarom says:

    what a cool design! I love the first one because of its kontrast! …AND I think Acceptance is so wonderful and important in life ♥

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