So yeah.  Still pregnant.  Probably will be for a while longer, though you never know.  I’ve been getting tired again and we’re starting to slipping back into Very Easy Dinner territory.  (Though not takeout, yet.  At least, not most of the time.)

I have various things to post, but not really enough mental energy to actually do so.  I had a whole post thought out about how rain makes me think of God and how powerful He is and how He’s bigger than me, and it doesn’t matter that rain is (probably) just caused by natural forces and things because that just means He planned it all out in advance, like that scene in True Lies when they gave Schwarzenegger a truth serum and he told them how he was going to kill them and then did it, and that’s even better than if God was just magicking everything out of thin air as He needed it.  And then I decided it was pretentious and no longer relevant so you’re getting the condensed version instead.

I also have various artworks that I’d like to show you – including my very first handmade book, courtesy of God and the internet who apparently collaborated to get me a free paper trimmer – but to do that I need to take pictures and then upload them and we’ll see if it happens.  It might yet.

In Beauty-related news, we have singing.  Much singing.  She allows me to sing now, at least most of the time, which is awfully nice.  Sometimes I would sing anyway, but having your toddler yelling at you to stop the whole time is a bit disconcerting.  (And while I’m not all that great at staying on pitch, she also yells at Hero and my sister N, so I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem.)  And she sings now, constantly.  She likes The B-I-B-L-E (which I had to teach to my mother-in-law), and the Sing Hosannah song, and the Hello song from Mini Music, and Alive Alive-O, and what I finally identified as Following The Leader from Peter Pan, which I sing to her when she’s resisting a diaper change.  (It’s time to change the diaper, the diaper, the diaper, it’s time to change the diaper and make your tush all clean…)

Oh!  And I had my painting party!  It was wonderful.  I was so happy.  We painted, and we talked, and we ate, and it was exactly what I wanted.  Except now I have two shoeboxes full of craft paints.  Oh well, we’ll use them in time.

(Actually, that’s another post I was thinking of writing, about the toxicity of paints and the uselessness of the Prop 65 tag and related topics.  Turns out the cheap craft paints are non-toxic enough to let a toddler play with, as long as you take off her clothes first to keep them from getting stained.  I’ve offered smocks and junk t-shirts, but she’s got it fixed in her head that naked is the way to paint.  Unless it’s with Mima.  She’ll put a smock on for Mima.)

And that is my life right now.  I’m going to go drink tea and eat lemon chess pie.

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  1. annie! says:

    you’re right…the online community is so generous!

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