Yes, still with the silly photos. Most of these are Picsart, actually, because we got a tablet and I discovered I really like the Picsart app and I get bored during midnight feedings because she’s too floppy for me to just go back to sleep (also breastfeeding still kinda hurts) so I mess around with pictures instead. Such is life.

Or possibly Kitten.  But I’m pretty sure her blog-name is Snuggle.

(My policy is to confine real names to images, which aren’t indexed by search engines.  At least, not yet.  It’s really only a matter of time.  I figure a sufficiently determined stalker could probably find me already anyway, so I’m mostly relying on the sheer number of people on the internet for anonymity.)

….since her full name is rather a mouthful :)  (It’s pronounced with the accent on the second syllable, by the way, and the i is an “ee” sound.  It does not rhyme with Delilah.  It means “made perfect” in Hebrew.)

Labor and delivery was much better than last time.  I’m not all glowy about it, but I wasn’t freaked out and I didn’t need meds and it was pretty okay.  It was fast.  Fast is good.

(I get very annoyed by the glowy birth stories, mostly because I don’t have them I think.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they genuinely had glowy laborm but to be honest I tend to figure it’s mostly hormone-induced retconning.  Sour grapes much?)

I am making that face in every single picture taken in the L&D room. That’s true of Beauty’s birth photos too. No idea what’s up with that.

I had my mom the whole time this time around, which was good.  Well, actually she came for transition and pushing, but that’s when I needed her.  My sister was there too, which was pretty cool.  And Hero.  Hero was wonderful.  I’ll probably write more about that later.

Snuggle is…well, she’s not her sister.  She likes being swaddled, and if you put her in her swing she stays asleep, and there are times when she is awake and looking around and not fussing or eating, which is a nice change.  (I’m sure Beauty woke up properly sometimes too, but she was certainly fussier.)  Overall Snuggle is pretty calm and pretty expressive and we’re good.

Beauty is adjusting phenomenally well, so far at least.  She wants to come say hi to her sister at every opportunity, and stroke her face and hair, and show her how to play with a rattle (no luck so far, though it would help if she’d try when Snuggle is actually awake) and she always asks if Snuggle is okay if she cries or snorts.

Okay, I need a nap.

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1 Response to Snuggle!

  1. Tricia says:

    got here via swap-bot – what a cutie she is! and i love her name & meaning (and will admit to having pronounced it wrong in my head on first viewing…) Congratulations, and enjoy your babymoon! :^)

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