Just a little recent art today…

Postcard for a swap I’m in.  It’s a challenge swap – make a postcard with elements representing window, marsupial, Beethoven, purple, and six.  At first glance I dismissed it as impractical, but my brain kinda liked the idea.  Beethoven was the hardest – I didn’t want anything stodgy.  Eventually I found an image of his signature online, pulled it into Inkscape and made it into a stamp or brush or whatever you want to call it, and made the background you can see there.  (I printed it onto tissue and mod podged it onto my painted background.)

A progress shot from halfway through, so you can see the background properly:

The colored strips are from a photo of brightly painted windows that I found on Pinterest.  They’re my window element.  I had planned to gesso over this and get partway back to neutral, but I liked it so much I went with it.

So I stenciled on my purple six (done with bubble wrap – a few days ago we got something wrapped in bubble wrap, and I cut off a chunk and attached it to the bottom of an Altoids container for Beauty to stamp with.  We’ve both been pulling it out at every opportunity ever since :) and added my marsupial (that’s a sugar glider, found on wikipedia) and a few other odds and ends.

I really like the composition on this one – I feel like there’s a good balance.  There’s the purple curve triangle (the two parts of the six and the purple circle) and a yellow-greenish triangle (the strips of paper in the upper two corners and the green gem dot by the six’s tail) and it seems to keep the eye moving.  I like it a lot.

I liked the background enough that I did it again, to see what happened if I did gesso over it.  I like this one too.

I’ll probably just send this out as random mail art.  The strips are from an old map, again printed onto tissue.  (You take a facial tissue, separate the two layers, and use a gluestick to glue the edges to a piece of printer paper.  Then run it through the printer.  We have a laser printer, so the toner doesn’t smear if it gets wet, which is handy.)

Why “flutter”?  I don’t know.  Why not?

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1 Response to Beethoven

  1. Tricia says:

    I got the top postcard and I think it’s wonderful! As I said on swapbot, I was especially impressed at how you managed to incorporate all the elements but not make them obvious. It’s challenging me to rethink what I was going to do… (I like the second postcard, too – the circles where there’s no gesso, along with the lines, really do catch my eye and draw it through the composition)

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