The Sound and the Nerdery

I was fairly good at recording Beauty’s every move and word and discovery, but less so with Kitten.  This is life.  We do have plenty of photos of her, so that’s something.

Kitten is more cheerful than Beauty was at this age.  She’s more convinced that life is wonderful and people are friendly and things are waiting to be enjoyed, where Beauty was more inclined to study and analyze and understand things and people before attempting to interact with them.

Consequently Kitten is more eager to walk, and insists that we walk her everywhere, all the time.  I don’t think Beauty ever showed interest in walking with support.  Kitten grabs things, and eats things, and loves to feel textures and find pretty pictures and taste things and make sounds.  Beauty looked at things – especially text – and I think listened to words more than music.

Beauty valued words and sounds because they let her communicate.  Kitten values sounds because OH MY GOODNESS I CAN MAKE ALL THE SOUNDS!!!  She says “yeah” a lot (I think it counts as her first word, since she seems to know it means “positive.”) and spends ages making as many noises as she can find to come out of her mouth.

Beauty is painting a lot these days – I wrapped all our holiday gifts in paper grocery bags and let her paint them.  She generally ends up painting herself as well, but that’s okay.  She also likes homemade puffy paint (I love homemade puffy paint!) and gluing bits down.

She’s also enrolled in toddler gymnastics, and it’s wonderful for her.  She’s more active, more willing to try new things, more social, more confident – I’m not really sure why, but it just seems to click in her brain and unlock new paths and achievements.  So we’re *keeping* her in gymnastics.

(Gymnastics also gives me a mini-break, since I’m not required to be present for the 45-minute class.  There’s a shopping center around the block, so Kitten and I go to the grocery store or Plato’s Closet.  I’ve gotten some cute tops that way.)

Beauty seems to be interested in trivia – she wants to know the name of every song and the label for every day’s weather and so on.  I don’t get the impression that she cares much about the meaning behind the questions she asks sometimes, but she asks and locks away each fact as it’s given to her.  She’s a nerd in a way that I’m not; she’s constantly looking for trivia to file away.

And as for me, I’m painting and writing and blogging a Bible study and life goes on.

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