I’m doing the Documented Faith project this year, which so far means taking some time during the weekend to journal about what I’ve been thinking/praying about and do some intuitive-ish art.  I’ve been posting to the facebook group, but I realized I want to record it here, too.

This is the first spread – it’s really a prologue rather than a journal entry. God and I have been talking about some cool stuff over the last few months, and I felt it was important to include a summary of that. So I paged through the document I’ve been keeping of those thoughts and happenings, and chose salient phrases, so that they make a kind of poem-thing. I typed it up and printed it out (the font is My Underwood, from and glued it in. Then I added some watercolors next to it. (The format was inspired by “Prose of the Trans-Siberean and of little Joan of France” by Sonia Delauney-Terk, which I came across recently in a book. I was really stumped about how to include this stuff until I thought of that.) The design on the facing page is also significant, but I don’t feel I can share about it yet. At first I thought I’d add some watercolors around it, I decided against.  It has since gotten some watercolors anyway, since I painted a bit on the next page and the painting on this page smeared.  Such is life.

(I came across the word “prothalamion” in Busman’s Honeymoon, by Dorothy Sayers, which I recently read aloud to Hero.  I originally assumed it meant prologue, but it actually means a poem or song that celebrates an upcoming wedding.  I used it anyway.)

This is the first week’s spread. I’d been thinking that one of the keys to faith is learning to fail fast – to realize early on that I can’t do things on my own and pray for help. We’re told not to lean on our own understanding, and that’s hard for me because I’m a very intellectual person and I’ve always prized my own understanding very highly. God made me smart, so it’s not like I should pretend I’m not, but His limits are so far beyond mine.


From the second week’s spread.  I don’t feel like sharing the journaling from this one.  It’s all acrylics and it was fun to do.  It was more or less also about failing fast and not leaning on my own understanding.

And I might as well throw this in here – it’s an experimental woodblock print carved with the dremel that my wonderful Hero gave me for Hanukkah.  I just used a piece of scrap wood I had lying around.  I expect to do more of this once the weather warms so I can do it outside.  Sawdust is messy.

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6 Responses to Document

  1. Erika N says:

    Love your woodblock.never thought of carving wood to make a stamp. Clever. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Making an Elvis baby card is very clever, what a nice name-Elvis Alexander. I like it.

    • Woodblock printing is actually very traditional – many of the beautiful Japanese paintings you see are actually very intricate woodblock prints. I’ve been reading a book about printmaking that I got from the library, and it seemed worth a try.

  2. love the colours on your pages and the first sketch looks like a dancer like the movement in it..thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments

  3. minnemie says:

    This is a great journaling idea. I love the watercolors and summary on the 2nd page…thank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful art! It has such a wonderful energy to it. Vibrant and lovely!

  5. Cindy Dauer says:

    Some really lovely journal pages!

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