Gimp Filters

I just downloaded FX-Foundry, which is a very cool collection of scripts for Gimp.  Problem is, there’s so many scripts they aren’t very well documented.  I can’t find sample images of most of them.  So I decided to make a reference sheet for myself.  And I may as well post it here.

This is quick and dirty. I almost always used the default settings.  And at the moment I’m really only interested in the photo ones, so I’m just doing those.  I might add others over time.  We’ll see.

ETA: so far I’ve done the Photo > Effects folder and the Colors folder.  Scroll down to find what you want.

Here’s the original picture:

From the Photo > Effects folder:

Bercovich lomo

Black and white photo

cross light

Cross processing (with a teal overcast color; should be fun to play with changing that)

diffusion filter

Eg Black and White (had a whole bunch of options for slightly different results)

Eg Duotone Simulation (opacity at 100%)

Eg Infrared Simulation

Film Noise (I can't see the difference either)

Lomo Effect

Make Wonderful

Old Photo

Simple Duotone

Soft Focus

Tone Mapping (unlike Film Grain, I could see some subtle differences between the before and after. but I don't know what it's meant for)

Vintage Film

I couldn’t get Sepia Toning to work at all.

Photo > Enhancement and Photo >Sharpen may be coming soon.  Beauty just woke up so I can’t do them now.


Later.  The other two Photo categories turned out to be boring (read: subtle) so I’m not doing them.  I’ll do the Colors folder instead.

Our new original:

I mostly stuck to the default settings on each script.

Convert Color Temperature - warms or cools your image. this is fairly cooled

Eg Color Saturation

Graypoint (interesting script - it tweaks your image so the current FG color (pink for this one) is grayscale or white)

Lasm's Lab Color Punch

Lasm's LAB Ultra-Vivid

Lasm's LAB-Wow (crazy script with a zillion choices, most of them named after martial arts, or possibly Hollywood martial arts. no explanation given. must play later. This one's Color Punch)

Lasm's LAB-Wow, using the Line Art Supremo. I'm pretty sure the checkboxes at the bottom correspond to things like "flatten image" in scripts written by sane programmers

Lasm's Solarize

Lasm's Light Invert

Lasm's Asymmetric Solarize

Lasm's Color-Only Invert

Lasm's Simple Color Invert

Lasm's Asymmetric Ultra-Vivid Solarize

Lasm's Vivid V-Invert (That Lasm guy is crazy, I'm telling you)

Media colorize (lets you pick the color first)

Split Tone (lets you pick colors, this is orange and blue)

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