This page is as much for my own reference as anything else.  It’s just links to recipes that I like and am tired of re-googling.

Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry from the Baby-Led Weaning forum.  Great slow cooker dish, and when we’ve eaten all the chicken I add a can of chickpeas and reheat it and it’s mighty good that way too.

French Yogurt Cake from Smitten Kitchen.  Very easy, very nice morning cake.  Or add a frosting or glaze or sauce for a sophisticated dessert.

Thai Peanut Noodles from Our Best Bites.  Superfast dinner, and incredibly yummy.  Also the recipe that inspired this page, considering how long it took me to relocate it.  (I prefer to increase the peanut butter to 4 or 5 T and decrease the soy sauce to 1 T.  I always make it with at least 1.5t sriracha and I always add more at the table.  This is the only dish I can think of that I actually prefer to be quite spicy.)

The Salad Page from Stone Soup.  So far I’ve tried the raw broccoli salad, the warm chickpeas with garlic and rosemary, and the tuna and white bean salad, and they were all delicious.  It can be hard to get enough veggies in our diet, so sometimes a nice substantial salad for dinner is the way to go.

My own Bourbon Ice Cream (three ingredients, no machine needed) should probably get a mention here too.

So should Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, which is not mine but which I posted because the world should know about it.

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