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A couple weeks ago, the Children’s Director for our branch of Community Bible Study asked me to bring my art supplies in and paint a picture of Heaven for the children.  Normally they try to act out the story for … Continue reading

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Squashed Star

I feel like I’ve been incredibly prolific lately, but when I went to look at things apparently not.  Maybe I’ve just been prolific for a mother of two small children.  Or maybe it’s all been in my head.  I do … Continue reading

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I’ve started calling my girls my “ducklings.”  I’m not sure why – it started a few weeks ago when I turned to see them trundling along after me and their little bobbing heads (well, mostly Kitten’s bobbing head – Beauty … Continue reading

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No, I don’t have a tattoo.  It’s unlikely that I’ll ever get one; my father always impressed on us that it was one of the worst mistakes he ever made.  Admittedly he did it as a last act of rebellion … Continue reading

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The Chalkboard Tray

Beauty likes doing art, but it can be hard to find a good medium for her.  Crayons take too much pressure, though she’ll use them sometimes.  Markers get all over her hands and face, and it wipes off but there’s … Continue reading

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